Questions To Ask At Vasectomy Reversal

Ami reversal is performed through a single midlife mini incision more traditional ways to perform a vasectomy reversal include to bilateral incisions occasionally with delivery of the testicle the skin markings illustrate options for incisions on the lower aspect of the video there's a large traditional incision on the upper aspect of the video is a small mini incision because the scrotal skin is extremely elastic and compliant it's often possible through a single midlife incision to move the incision.

To the right and left as to perform the operation as a reference point we begin by marking the true anatomical midlife of the scrotal skin the vs and mastectomy occlusion site on the left side is identified controlled and manipulated towards the anatomical midlife using the a traumatic no scalpel a sec Tarim in clip the Van is controlled and captured in the midlife at the vasectomy occlusion site you a mini incision of less than one centimeter is created to expose the vs underneath you the muscles surrounding.

The bass is then carefully released using electrocute small areas of bleeding on the muscle can be cauterized directly you as the Van becomes better exposed repeated application of the no scalpel vasectomy ring clamp facilitates exposure and delivery of the through the mid line mini incision the no scalpel vasectomy ring clamp is a nice tool that allows you to control the at the basil occlusion site without causing trauma to the tissues as the Van is exposed were careful to preserve as much blood supply to the tissues as possible this minimizes scar tissue formation after the surgery you vasectomy reversal following adequate exposure of the van a small Perry basal window is created just underneath the bass with the no scalpel vasectomy sharp snap the window is maintained with a series of vessel loops you a holding suture using.

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